Life then and now - my ideas

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Can you think of more items from 1718 and now?

In a note book or on a piece of paper write about these different areas of life in 1718 and today:

Think about the way people communicated in 1718 and how we communicate now. For example, now we use social media and in 1718 they might have used a mail coach to deliver letters. Can you think of two more ways we communicated in the past and also now in the present?

Think about the types of transport in 1718 and how we commute now. For example now we use high speed trains, what might people have used in 1718? Can you list two other types of transport from 1718 and now?

Think about how people got their food in 1718, did they have supermarkets like we do now? Can you list two other types of food from 1718 and now?

Think about what type of jobs would have been common in 1718, and what kind of jobs are common place now? Can you list two other types of jobs from 1718 and now.

What was school like in 1718? Think about how technology has changed the items you use in the classroom. Can you list two items used in school in 1718 and now.

If you are a home learner share your ideas with a family member or guardian. If you are in school share your ideas with a teacher or your classmates.