How to use this course

Structure of the course

This course is publicly available and open to home and classroom based learners. You don't need a login. It includes both online and offline activities for children ages 9 to 11 years old.

There are three sections: Leaving, the Journey and Arrival. Each section includes a series of challenges and guided step-by-step activities as you learn about the Ulster settlers life as they leave Ulster and make their journey to America. You may wish to work through the activities in order or choose areas of specific interest.

You will need a small note book or a handful of pages for the writing activities.

Completion of this course will take approximately 9 hours.

Course outline

Leaving - The McFadden family are thinking about leaving Ulster. Learn about their life in the 1700's and the reasons that led to their decision.

The journey - traveling by sailing boat was long and uncomfortable. The weather was bleak, food was scarce, fresh water was limited. In this section learn about life on board.

Arrival - New opportunities awaited the settlers but there were many challenges ahead as they arrived in America. Learn about the McFadden's family arrival in America, as they find a place at last.

Course features

Each topic includes text, slides, video or scenario based learning materials. 


Navigating the course

There are several ways to navigate the activities:

Previous and Next activity buttons:


Breadcrumb links:


Left side bar lists the topics:


The left side bar can be minimised and maximised using the hamburger icon:


Toggle full screen:


Audio recording tool

Section one - Leaving includes an audio tool activity. Please note this currently only works with the Google Chrome browser. You will need a microphone. Create your own audio recordings and reflect on the life of the McFaden family.
Follow these steps to record:
1. Choose Record.
2. Choose Allow to let the browser to use your microphone. The audio tool will begin recording immediately. 
3. Use the Pause/Continue button if required.
4. If you need to restart tap the Retry button. This will delete your current recording and allow you to start again from scratch.
5. Once you are happy with your recording choose Done
6. Choose Download to save a copy of your audio recording to your device. Please note your audio is not stored on the course.

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