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Terms and Conditions


The Ulster-Scots Learning Platform has been designed to support aspects of learning about Ulster-Scots culture and heritage.

It offers file sharing and communication tools to users.

The Ulster-Scots Agency provides these services subject to the following rules and guidelines which should be read in conjunction with other organisation policies such as freedom-of-information policy available at

If there is a conflict between this document and any Ulster-Scots Agency policy, the terms in the policy will govern.

Use of the platform
When using the platform and connecting services, users must:

Each user is responsible for all activity related to their personal login.

By using services of the learning platform users agree to be bound by these terms and conditions from first use.

Access to the online course and resources are controlled by user permissions. Users should log in to the platform with their own account details and never allow another user to access the platform using their credentials.

If an area on the platform is protected by an enrolment key (a password required to gain access) that is set by the course organiser, learners should never disclose the enrolment key to allow access by an unauthorised user.

Activities on the platform are audited for the purpose of quality and improvement. Records are kept of when users access courses and resources along with a log of communications, such as forum posts. They may also be used for any matters arising, such as accounts of harassment, bullying or transmitting inappropriate material.

Users should not post personal or sensitive information to the platform.

Access to the platform will be withdrawn if any of the conditions of use are broken.

Learners are responsible for ensuring that any posted content does not breach confidentiality, copyright or the intellectual property rights of others.

Users must not upload any materials that breach the Ulster-Scots Agency policies (such as illegal or obscene content) or add links to any web pages that host such material.

Users are prohibited from transmitting any words or pictures that are protected by copyright, libellous, insulting, abusive or would otherwise contravene the Ulster-Scots Agency’s codes of conduct.

All work submitted electronically by learners should be their own.

Data Protection
Users agree to:

Access logs
Access to the platform is logged and the information available to the course Administrator(s). This information includes which users have visited the course, when they visited and what they have looked at. These statistics are monitored for the purpose of evaluation and improvement and to ensure compliance with terms and conditions.

Data storage limitations
The platform has been designed for making files and resources available to learners throughout their course. It should not be used as a general storage area.

Users should always keep original copies of work they upload. Discover Ulster Scots accepts no liability for lost or corrupt data that has been stored on Moodle by teachers or learners.

The server is routinely backed up for the purposes of disaster recovery. However, it is the responsibility of users to ensure that they have saved copies of any important data.

Information about us
This site is operated by the Ulster-Scots Agancy at The Corn Exchange, 31 Gordon Street, Belfast, BT1 2LG (the website provider).

If you have any concerns about material that appears on the site, please contact